SakumonoGH is a blog site created to bridge the gap between our communities, and environs through advertisement of detailed and quality information.

We realized that lots of activities, events, services and talents within our immediate environments are barely known, leading to little or no  information for advertisement.
This leads ignorance of events and services around us- few customers for services and low patronage for events.

This is where SakumonoGH comes in to support private and government organisations, SME's services, events, products, talents, etc. in advertising to reach more audience in our vicinity.

“We want to create something that does more than just look nice. We are helping create a centralised community hub where all known and unknown resources available to us, within a short distance are advertised for patronage.”

We look forward to breaking boundaries with new and innovating ways for improvements in our community through the internet.


To promote services, events, knowledge,unity and detailed information within our community and its environs.

To support individuals and organisations reach more audience within their immediate environment.

To create a platform for advertisement, announcement, problem solving, learning and improvement ideas in our environment.



To be the best blog site for detailed and quality information.

Franklyn Fosu - Blogger.

In-depth research in a complex technological world for quality information out of the lot is what I desire.
Scouting for problems in an area and proposing innovative ideas for constant improvement is my benefaction to the world.
A great wish is to see developing countries make good use of computers and the internet for improvement in all area of our lives.
And SakumonoGH will always be an example of a quality and detailed information blog in this digital age.

Blogger, I.T Technician & QHSE Engineer.

Kojo Ofori- Website Developer.

Everyday is different. The fact that the company is growing o quickly means there is always room for inn ovation and creativity.
As the CEO of Arthur Studios, I have been encouraged to excel in the duties specific to my role and also to provide my perspective on larger challenges and opportunities we encounter.



Web Developer, Photography & Consultant.

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