“Faith and Common Sense for Effective Living” is a book written by Rev. Dr. Solomon Nortey. There have been various teachings by many Men of God throughout history. And in this generation where grace abounds, very few Men of God will look at their congregation in the face and tell them the Truth that needs to be told.
The truth of balancing spiritual and physical life.


In His infinite wisdom, God has given us the brain to be able to think and come up with solutions to problems of this world.
But the majority of Christians tend to fall on only one aspect of their life, which is spiritual. Whiles the physical life is ignored with scriptures from the Bible being used to back up various reasons for such ignorance.

In his 20th book –  “FAITH AND COMMON SENSE FOR EFFECTIVE LIVING”,      Rev. Dr. Solomon Nortey of Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Sakumono-Tema, distinguishes between the times when faith should be applied and the times when common sense should also be applied in life.
“Faith & Common Sense For Effective Living” is a practical and life-transforming book.
As such, this book is an eye-opener for everyone especially religious leaders in the Christian walk.

Get one for yourself and copies for your friends, workers and Church members.

Date- Sunday, 30th September 2018.
Time- 4:00 p.m. Prompt.
Venue- Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Sakumono Estate.

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For advanced copies contact
Mrs. Haryette Ocansey on +233 26 733 2350/ +233 27 755 2350 or
Stella Ampah on +233 24 785 9196.

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