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The Women’s Fellowship of Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Sakumono Estates, celebrated their 25th Anniversary and to climax this event, they organised a symposium on Sunday, 2nd June 2019, for the entire church.


The Resource Person was Mr. James Kwesi Addison of Addison International Centre for Emotional Intelligence (AICEI- the first emotional intelligence centre in Ghana.)

Attending this symposium were members of the Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship and the Youth of the church.

The theme- “Emerging concerns of the Christian home, The challenges of the Young Adult“.

Mr. James Kwesi Addison said naturally, women are the first to exhibit emotions. They have Emotional Capital- Empathy.

He explained that emotions are not behaviour and we should be able to distinguish the latter from the former.


The Youth, Men’s Fellowship and Women’s Fellowship came out with challenges that affected them.

Challenges they mentioned are below.

  1. Managing our time as a youth (balancing daily activities).
  2. Caring for the aged.
  3. Health issues.
  4. Divergent views between parents and children.
  5. The use of social media.
  6. Financial issues.
  7. Music (Mass media).
  8. Difficult parental control.
  9. Technological problem.
  10. After school life.
  11. Lack of employment and fear of failure.
  12. Lack of understanding and misrepresentation of parents’ views.


Mr. James Kwesi Addison came to address the concerns that were raised by the Youth as children and the Men and Women Fellowship as parents.

EI 3

He said everyone 1. should be intentional in all their engagements because emotions play a major role in any decision we take.

2. “All emotions are good” and all emotions should be validated.

3. How do you validate all emotions?
Empathy (Click for the meaning of empathy) + understanding = communicating your understanding to the hearing of the other.

We should be able to 4. deal with perceptions when it comes to emotions. Example of parents who refuse to let their children marry from certain tribes/ ethnic groups in Ghana due to the perception of what someone has told them or what they have been through in the past with certain individuals from a particular tribe/ ethnic group.

He said, 5. emotions are powerful, when you try to fight it, it will lead to destruction so Validate the emotions.

He said before you initiate any help, there must be an understanding and validation.

Do a 6. reality check to avoid divergent views.

He advised parents to 7. read the emotions of their children very well and not assume their children are okay.

8. Managing emotions differ in youth.

9. Listen and listen empathetically.

10. Parents and spouses should ask open up questions.

When listening, adjust the body (11. body language speaks a lot).

12. Do not take the words of people for granted.

13. Develop your mental agility by not basing your decision on one data.

14. Your decisions should solve a problem but not create more problems.

15. We should develop our impulse management skills which are the ability to delay your decisions for a split of a second.

16. Do not ignore empathy in any situation.

17. Emotions are temporal, do not take decisions based on temporal things.

He advised the youth that 18. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, the youth should be intentional in managing their time.

19. Parents should find little ways to bond with their children.

20. The church should also find little ways to bond with members through events and reality shows for hymns.

21. Have the capability to identify, understand and manage emotions.

In concluding the symposium, Rev. Dr. Solomon Nortey came to give a piece of advice to the parents to 22. Let their voices be meaningful to their children because no one rebels against that which appeals to them.

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